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Every space has the meaning of existence.

Often there will be household distress, home decoration space is not strong, the area is mixed together, want to live out a sense of quality, do not know what to do, then may as well try to use partition.

The significance of partition is to replace the traditional partition wall. A good partition can not only break the inherent pattern of space, but also play the role of functional zoning. Separation can also be transparent, creating a seemingly segregated effect, improve the overall home beauty, so that the home becomes vibrant and full of vitality.

Balcony partition

The balcony and living room are separated by push-pull doors, which are simple, beautiful and clean on the whole. Opening the push-pull doors, you can have a good view of the outside scenery. Closing the door, you can divide the balcony and living room into two different spaces. With push-pull doors, there is an additional protection. It not only effectively blocks noise, but also makes the living room warm in winter and cool in summer. It can also block dust outside. Daily cleaning is also very convenient.

Living room partition permeability is good to say, will not shield the light. It avoids the problem of increasing partition to make the original space crowded, and adds a different elegance to the living room. Transparent glass enlarges visual space, reduces depression and enhances the mobility of living room space.

The partition has no requirement for space size, and the double-layer hollow tempered glass has good moisture resistance, can effectively block outdoor dust, can reduce indoor noise, can heat preservation and insulation, and can also ensure the daylighting of the whole space.

The choice of frosted glass partition as the bedroom and living room partition can not only ensure the privacy of the bedroom, good permeability, but also do not occupy space.

Every space has its own rationality of existence. Reasonable partition is not only the most efficient use of space, but also an important means to make space conform to people's living habits. Home and Dafu color stainless steel doors, so that each space has the meaning of existence.

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